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Jump they say.....

Being a Success Strategist means one of my tasks is often helping people overcome FEAR.

LIMITING BELIEFS better known as False Evidence Appearing Real.

So often I have heard someone say:

oh I can’t do that, I don’t do that, I won’t do that.

Or worse, how about those people who will tell or ask others to do something they are not willing to do themselves?

I am determined to be a coach, mentor, cheerleader, supporter or friend who is willing and able to do whatever it takes and prepared to do what I ask of others.




Loss of control

Flying in small planes


Just thinking about some of these would send me into a spiral of anxiety in the past.

In the last couple of years I have learnt to step up and stop waiting for permission.

Stop asking or more importantly wanting other people’s opinions on whether or not to do something.

My husband has had so many life experiences, done so many things, lived through so many exciting life changing adventures that I am inspired to do the same, so I too can share incredible stories like the ones he shares so often to the fortunate people we share our life and business with.

Robert Fogarty is my inspiration, my superhero, my husband, my best friend and soulmate.

Without him and his dad I quite literally would not be here today....

Stepping up or off or even out of my comfort zone..... getting comfortable being uncomfortable is where the magic keeps happening.

Doing the research, understanding I am capable, telling myself I can do it and then quite literally jumping was how it came about.

Sure there were nerves, however I have come to realise when I am nervous this is when I am at my best. This is when I know I really care.

It is at this time the words I use in my self talk that matter the most. Words like..... you have come this far - keep going.

You are fabulous, you are almost there, you have got this, focus and keep pushing, how much do you want this?

Trust yourself you are fabulous......SMILE

When I smile I think of being on stage as a dancer, nothing can go wrong then.

Success can mean many things. Success to me is a feeling.

I feel fabulous when I am smiling and everyone around me is smiling too. My body fills with joy when there is music and laughter too or the sound of the wind and smell of sea air.

When the door of the plane opened the rush of the fresh air was so exhilarating I was so excited to jump out it surprised me. I was so keen to get to the opening and put into action all of the learning from the instructor. It wasn’t until I was free falling, white cloud everywhere, not knowing what way was up, feeling like I was all alone, out of control that I was actually scared. Then all of a sudden a tap on the shoulder and quickly my mind came back, my brain kicked into action again I flung my arms out into position and I was flying.

Then came some words I did not want to hear, “we have a twist in the line” what does that mean? Hold on......Yay! Just what it sounds like TWIST. Around we went spiraling, spinning until we popped free and the canopy was now floating properly.

Ahhhh now I can breathe, they say things only happen to those that can handle it.

Well handle it I did.

As soon as we stopped spinning the first thing I saw was a yacht under full sail, we had jumped out over the ocean and this made me feel so calm. I remember saying out loud, “a yacht now I feel calm”.

Not for long, Brett decides it’s time to hand over the controls and gets me to turn us around, what MORE SPINNING? I don’t want that....

Now with the controls, what do I do with my legs? This was the strangest feeling. Brett was amazing, as an instructor I am sure he has come across many people feeling uneasy, what he did next was nothing short of genius, “pop your feet on mine”..... just like my Dad used to when he danced with me as a little girl? YES perfect now I feel safe. Incredible.....

Time to enjoy the view and prepare for the landing. This was the easy part in my head, I had visualised this for the last 3 days. That is how I knew it was going to happen.

Visualisation is a big part of my life. If I can see it played out then I know I will make it happen. It really did happen.

We all feel we have days in our life where we can’t do something - is it that we are telling ourselves we can’t do it? How about we add one little word - YET....
I can’t do it yet!

What if you visualise having it done, now how does it feel? Work back from there.

Give it a go and JUMP into your life.

Need someone to help you with your goals speak to Lisa one of Australia’s most energising success strategists.

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