Jump they say.....

Being a Success Strategist means one of my tasks is often helping people overcome FEAR.

LIMITING BELIEFS better known as False Evidence Appearing Real.

So often I have heard someone say:

oh I can’t do that, I don’t do that, I won’t do that.

Or worse, how about those people who will tell or ask others to do something they are not willing to do themselves?

I am determined to be a coach, mentor, cheerleader, supporter or friend who is willing and able to do whatever it takes and prepared to do what I ask of others.




Loss of control

Flying in small planes


Just thinking about some of these would send me into a spiral of anxiety in the past.

In the last couple of years I have learnt to step up and stop waiting for permission.

Stop asking or more importantly wanting other people’s opinions on whether or not to do something.

My husband has had so many life experiences, done so many things, lived through so many exciting life changing adventures that I am inspired to do the same, so I too can share incredible stories like the ones he shares so often to the fortunate people we share our life and business with.

Robert Fogarty is my inspiration, my superhero, my husband, my best friend and soulmate.

Without him and his dad I quite literally would not be here today....

Stepping up or off or even out of my comfort zone..... getting comfortable being uncomfortable is where the magic keeps happening.

Doing the research, understanding I am capable, telling myself I can do it and then quite literally jumping was how it came about.

Sure there were nerves, however I have come to realise when I am nervous this is when I am at my best. This is when I know I really care.

It is at this time the words I use in my self talk that matter the most. Words like..... you have come this far - keep going.

You are fabulous, you are almost there, you have got this, focus and keep pushing, how much do you want this?

Trust yourself you are fabulous......SMILE

When I smile I think of being on stage as a dancer, nothing can go wrong then.